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Hair Transplant cost in Delhi
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  • Hair Transplant cost in Delhi
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  • Hair Transplant cost in Delhi
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Achieving more than 98% success rate on every hair transplant.

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Why Medispa

We, Medispa Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center, are a distinguished organization involved in providing a wide range of Medical .

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  • What is Hair Loss

    What is Hair Loss

    Hair transplantation is a process where in we cover the bald area or we increase the density of the hair by transposition of strong and permanent hair roots from the back side of the head. Baldness does not exists any more in people's vocabulary. Credit goes to the advanced technology and modern medicines

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  • Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Us?

    We, Medispa Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center, are a distinguished organization involved in providing a wide range of Medical Treatment Services in the field of cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant, liposuction, laser treatment, etc.

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  • What is Mega  /  Giga Session

    What is Mega / Giga Session

    One of the targets of the physicians had been increasing the number of hair that can be transplanted in one session. The number of grafts that could be implanted in one session did not exceed 800-1000 grafts about 8-10 years ago. But these numbers were not satisfactory for patients who needed treatment for progressed stages of balding such as Type 5,6,7 balding.

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  • FUE vs FUT

    Fue vs Fut

    FUE and FUT methods are different from each other. There are N number of differences available over internet between both the terms. FUE Method has been exaggerated by the doctors in order to claim more money from the patients

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  • What is Microscopic Dissection

    What is Microscopic Dissection

    At Medispa we use German microscope in every step of hair transplant
    • During Strip / FUE hair harvest we use 4x magnification which decreases the graft transaction rate to less .5%
    • During dissection and graft division we use 10x magnification to decrease hair shaft damages and hair transaction to give maximum yield or re-growth rate.

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Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi - Medispa

We often See most of the hair transplant clinics charge quite a lot per graft, a man or woman with thinning or falling hair can feel low about resolving their problem. Medispa's Team believes that when a hair transplant provider offers hair transplants by So called "Multi chain store clinics/Centers," the quality of service will likely be sacrificed as a less experienced, minimally trained group perform their procedures far away from the founding medical team. Medispa offers lowest hair transplant cost in Delhi. Medispa provides quality hair transplant services on affordable cost in Delhi.

And Yes Hair Transplants cost don't have to be expensive!

That's why selecting Medispa to perform your hair care procedure has been the smart money choice for thousands of men and women already. View the chart on the Cost & Specials page to see how much you can save with us versus other clinics and doctors.

You pay so much don't you?! What could you do with an extra money that you have spent? Find out why we can offer hair transplants for such a low cost - and compare the average hair transplant cost with other clinics to ours with our hair graft cost chart. Rest Assured, there are no hidden charges or unwanted costs. Our hair transplant cost is least in Delhi. You might be happily surprised at how affordable a hair transplant can be. Because each person is different, you really need to come in for a consultation in order to get accurate pricing.

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