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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation is the transfer of strong and permanent hair roots which were removed from the back side of head special techniques and these roots are grafted in the skin on the bald area or in between the hair where the density has to be increased. Many advances were proceeded throughout the evolution of hair transplantation and with the possibilities of the modern medicine, baldness is almost about to extinguish.
This option should be thought when your frontal or vertex hairs starts to thin. You start losing your natural hair line. No, there is no age restriction. Limitations are patient should not suffer from any chronic disease or other medical issues. These can be consulted with Dr Suneet Soni who will assist you with medication before hair transplant. Normally patients having blood disorders, hepatitis, cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, etc needs serious consultation.
Yes they can. Kindly consult before planning for it to Medispa specialized Clinic who has treated many female candidates.
Medispa has an international set up and maintains highest quality standards. We believe in providing quality service at economical cost with better results with density, proper direction and less damage to hairs. It’s not costly as compared to changes it brings to your life and other hair loss treatments.
The procedure here is very simple. Hair transplant procedure is performed under local Anesthesia which numbs the recipient area and has very mild pain which can be subsided with pain killers. We perform Hair transplant operation with highly trained team, International set up and equipments.
No such complications in hair transplant as it is performed under safe environment by highly trained staff. It’s a safe one day procedure with amazing results. No nerves or vital structure of scalp is disturbed. Some swelling may occur but lasts only for 7-10days.
Yes, it can be done. Each hair is different in color, texture & thickness. It will act as a natural re-growth process.
Yes, you can. Hairs after transplantation grow like a natural hair which can be combed, cut, washed and dyed.
You need to consult doctor any medical conditions. Even in extreme cases Hair transplant can be done with doctor consultation and medication the patients having blood disorders, immune compromise conditions (hepatitis, cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, etc) are carefully investigated.
At Medispa we give 95% hair growth guarantee. We are able to do this as we have imported equipments, less damage rate of hairs, well trained staff and over 1000 successful Hair Transplants. Number of hairs grow will depend on the density of the hair at the donor site and on the size of the graft chosen.
Yes, they work with 100% results. It is the only method which gives you natural live hairs which grows dense in pattern and gives natural look. It has been proven all over world with 99% success rate. More people are adopting this technique and are happy with results. See our patients and celebrities photographs. It’s a process where donor and recipient area both are natural hairs.
It’s a 6-8hrs in a day procedure at Medispa hair transplant center. You can come alone and not necessary to bring anybody along with you. During hair transplant you can have breakfast, lunch, read paper and listen to music. Second day you can shampoo your hairs and resume your normal office work. At Medispa we take care of all the procedures while you are in hospital.
Every hair has its own characteristics. Eyebrow hairs grow up from the hair follicle at very sharp angles. This angle is what gives eyebrows the flat appearance on the eyebrow crest, which in contrast, scalp hair raises at a 45 or more angle from the scalp. The growth cycle of eyebrows hairs is much shorter than the growth cycle of head hair. Also, using head or body hair for eyebrow transplants is that the hair will continue to grow, which requires for the regular trimming of the hairs in order to maintain an acceptable and physically appealing eyebrow appearance.
The number of sessions varies, and will depend on the:
  • Area of scalp treated
  • Number and size of grafts used
  • Density of hair desired by the patient
  • Individual characteristics such as coarseness or fineness of hair
  • Current stage of hair loss and future rate of hair loss
  • Time frame in which patient wishes to replace lost hair
Second day you can shampoo your hairs and resume your normal office work. At Medispa we take care of all the procedures while you are in hospital
At Medispa we use special technique for micro slits which heals fast. Healing is done within a weeks’ time. No special precaution is to be kept. Strip method heals fast.